Neck Pain and Technology

Feb 13, 2021

Neck Pain and Technology

Do you have neck pain?

The information age is ongoing.

Smartphones and tablets are a vital part of our personal and professional lives.

Whether we’re sitting down to play a mobile game, watching YouTube with our children or sending a text to a friend, handheld devices are put to constant use throughout our day – and the health risks associated with them are vital to address.

The neck pain associated with chronic phone or tablet use has direct impact on the cervical spine – the vertebrae from the shoulder blades to the very bottom of the skull.

Research has shown that people use devices an average of four hours a day and this chronic use can result in cervical kyphosis, a painful rounding of the neck that results from the slumped, hunched posture that smartphone users naturally fall into while using their devices.

This places strain on the spine, causes tension in the neck and shoulders and causes upper back pain. This pain can come and go, building and releasing over many weeks or years, eventually radiating down the back and even resulting in headaches.

Eventually structural back and neck problems can arise from spinal wear and tear and abnormal curvature.

Whether you have chronic neck pain or value preventative care, Accent Wellness can provide you with both hands-on treatment and a practical plan to help correct or prevent the cervical problems associated with chronic smartphone and tablet use.

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