At Accent Wellness, our services include both music therapy and massage therapy. Therefore, we are able to help people address a wide range of life circumstances. Here are some of the areas that we can work on together:

  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation
  • Physical Health Challenges
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Positive Self-Expression
  • Positive Relationships
  • Dealing with Significant Life Events
  • Improved Communication

Our therapists specialize in tailoring treatment to meet the unique needs of people of all ages and abilities. We are passionate about wellness and see, firsthand, how it helps to build the foundation of a vibrant and meaningful life. 

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At Accent Wellness, we tailor treatment to individuals’ unique strengths and needs. Let us help you build your foundation for a more vibrant and meaningful life.

We welcome your questions and look forward to hearing from you.