Massage therapy is fast becoming a treatment option of choice for many people. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are recommending it for their patients as part of an integrated healthcare approach. Why? Because it’s safe and because it is effective for so many health issues.

According to the CDC, 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and it affects more people than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined (American Massage Therapy Association, 2021). In fact, research shows that massage therapy can help with:

  • low back pain
  • pain after an operation
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia

In addition to treating pain, research shows that massage can help with:

  • anxiety
  • improving overall quality of life 

Doctors are recommending massage therapy as part of an integrated healthcare approach…because it’s safe and effective.

Single Massage Therapy Sessions

Therapeutic Massage

Offering a relaxing, therapeutic or deep tissue massage based upon your specific needs and interests.

60 min – $75

90 min – $100

The “Text Neck” Massage

On your device 24/7? Achy neck? Shoulder pain and tightness? Chronic, nagging upper back pain? Pain that travels down your arm and into your hand? Then this therapeutic massage is for you — focusing on neck, shoulders and back.

20 min – $20

30 min – $30

Massage Therapy Packages

The simple and affordable choice for those who want to make massage therapy a regular part of their health and wellness regimen.

The “Techie” Massage Package

6 “Text Neck” massages for the price of 5

20 min – $100

30 min – $150

The Massage Treatment Package

6 Standard Massages for the price of 5

60 min – $375

90 min – $500

The Wellness Package

Buy 10 and get 3 FREE

60 min – $750

90 min – $1000

These appointments are purchased upfront as a package and never expire. They can be shared with family members and gifted as well. Book your massage appointment today!

Massage For Your Special Event / E-Gift Cards

Chair Massage

Book a chair event for an employee appreciation day, wellness fair, etc.

Standard Rate: $1/1 min

E-Gift Card

Give the gift of health and wellness. For special occasions or just because!

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